Location: The Virtual World

Favorite Genres: Tech-House / Techno / Dark House / Deep-House


Virtual DJ Tour

As a virtual avatar... Digital Francis... broadcasts live DJ sets which reach thousands of international listeners from all around the world. These audiences are too participants of the 3D world experience (namely Second Life) by logging in as other virtual beings that gather in a mutually shared cyber-club environment to hear the latest in electronic dance music. What's it like?  Well after looking at the screen for a bit, it kinda begins to seem real as you get drawn into the visual & audible experience.  Think of virtual reality as FaceBook, along with your own reality TV show, all rolled up into one... and on steroids!  It truly is the ultimate creative social networking experience, as well as a great tool for the performing arts. 

Digital Francis, who is one of the many top DJs in this cyber-music scene, is also one its pioneers.  His virtual DJ accomplishments include performing at many mixed-reality events (half virtual / half real-life). In those instances; his animated virtual persona (avatar) is projected on movie theater-type screen, as his streamed DJ sets are received and then pumped into a real-world venue’s sound system for a live audience to see and dance to. 

All done over the Internet, some of these events have taken place at: Space, in Ibiza; The Mapping Festival, Geneva Switzerland, Oi Futuro (Hello Future), in Rio de Janeiro; Haad Rin, in Thailand; Art gallery exhibits in Paris for artists Beniot Alt & Bernar Venet... just to name a few!  All where pioneering first of a kind events, as this technology was so new, and the concept of doing this... was so novel.  He additional was one of the 1st virtual DJs ever to be Charted by a European based download music store -- www.dancefuel.dj, and now on Beaport.com (http://dj.beatport.com/digital_francis).

But Francis is not limited to just DJing virtually.  His accomplishments “in-world” have caught the attention and respect of many, and many great friendships have blossomed for this endeavor! He has since been invited and has played real-world venues.  Virtual DJing - whether strictly in a virtual setting, or mixed reality events, is all the rage... the way of the future.  Be sure to check out some of his mixes on www.SoundCloud.com/digital-francis